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 A Rapid Escape 
It was a delightful moment to take a breath on a salty windy air; having fun under the sun and tan all over your skin - an achievement we always wanted every time we escape the ordinary day of our lives. There is no restriction to a new adventure; you have your will to be a person who explore and create a getaway.
Be someone who appreciate a few days of stay even though you drive 170 miles away from home.
Be someone who enjoyed little things; bunch of foods under the trees, good conversation at the seashore and interaction with locals.
Be someone who's not frightened to share the joyfulness to other people, you've just met.
Be someone with no supervision where to go or where to stay because eventually there'll be a community who will extend their help to find a place for you to stay.
Travel with no limits; that divert a character into a relishing one. No one will cease you with your euphoria, as long as it benefits your heart and soul.  Travel wherever you …

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A Rapid Escape

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