Be a traveler who value the last centavo in your pocket. Stay in 3 start room, local transport, bargain with the tour guide to get the cheapest tour package. Best thing is to DIY(do it yourself) because you can find a very good deal. Though, setting a full package online for a vacation is more convenient but its more adventurous to do it by your own. Use your money for activities and explore other places which is the main reason you travel.

Take a risk every time you go to a place you are not familiar with, part of the adventure is to expect the unexpected and see how far you can go, best experience are those unplanned surprises. 
Travel with a purpose, sometimes it help us to move on, to value ourselves and to live the life. Travel until you have the chance because travel is limitless, its you who will decide if you want to stuck with the old you, do the same thing over and over. Its time to leave your comfort zone and find a new habit that will make you a better one. Great destinations are just there waiting for you to see them, get your backpack now and set a first adventure, you don't need to spend more which don't burn a hole in your pocket. Set a plan today, its good to travel once in a while. its like cleaning your mind and soul from a toxic job or from your favorite boss who always scolded you. Everyone deserved to pumper themselves, relaxation is your medicine for everything don't let anyone stop you to explore. 

 I Want To Travel And Be Adventurous. 

I am the person who wants to travel, explore and experience what the world can offer, I want to be independent in making the best of me.

I'll let myself fly and be free.
I'll let myself understand my value and be worthy.
I'll find the best of me.
I'll explore all the places I want to go because I know it is the only way to escape.


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