TRAVEL 2016...


I don't know where to start, I have a lot of things to share with this experience. It was a very fulfillment to spent a long week of vacation far far away from the city and the stress at work. This is one of best example of refreshing and motivating yourself. Sometimes you need to take a rest and give something to your mind and soul, stop torturing your body. Go somewhere to make your mind set clearer and bolder because it will make you a better one; not only as a person but also for your career or a relationship.
Sometimes escaping to something that you don't get a benefit of growth is better rather than ended to nothing.

Ever since, I always fall in-love with the beauty of a beach, it reminds me of my childhood and dreaming to be a mermaid. That we all know, it only happened in our own fantasies. However, I would say that beach is one of my favorite place to go to. Maybe because I grow up leaving on a sea side. I remember when I was a kid, almost everyday we go to the beach and swim the whole day and expected when we got home our dad will scolded us because we did not ask permission. You have no idea how dark was my skin before but I think that is really part of my going up. Now every time I'm on my comfort place (beach) I feel free and contented with my life, it is also giving me motivation to over come all trials I will have on my journey in life.

It was a 1 day trip here in a beach, it is called "Puting Buhangin" indeed because of the beautiful sand . But it is not like Boracay or Palawan that has a crystal white sand. It has a very short seashore and both side of the beach are rocky part. I am only amazed because we do not know that we have this kind of place that we can go to. And yet, you don't need to spend too much money just to experience this kind of adventure. One day is not enough to stay here if they can only accommodate more than one day, I am sure  I'll be here for a length of time. 

I know that we have beautiful beaches in our home town, but I never knew we have this beach near to ours, it doesn't have a very long seashore. However, the sea and the sand are fantastic, Even though, this is popular in our town and to our neighbor provinces, the care-taker was able to manage of maintaining the cleanliness of the place.  it is still clean and not polluted. This place is located at Puting Buhangin Sinuknipan Del Gallego Camarines Sur, Approximately 20 mins away from our town (Tagkawayan Quezon Province) and from the highway you have 10 to 15 mins going to the exact location. this town has a very tight street, low bumper is really not advisable because some road is not cemented yet, your car might be in danger (just kidding). From that said, it is also not good to go here when its raining. Some roads are muggy, you and your car will suffer a lot. Though, we did not experience it (thanks God!). The resort has an entrance fee of 15 pesos for adult and 10 pesos for kids ( how affordable it is, right!) cottages might cost 1 hundreds only, they don't offer overnight because there is no facilities or room to stay. And because this is not well develop yet. There is no other activities rather than enjoying the nature and just relax yourself. 


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